Michael comes from a family of dedicated cooks and gardeners. He worked at the famous Moosewood Restaurant and served as the produce buyer for the famed Ithaca Real Food Co-op. He went on to cook at a classical French restaurant in Baltimore, Café des Artistes, and started a gourmet pizza restaurant in Berkeley. He received his graduate degree from Cornell's prestigious Hotel School, and for many years consulted for hotels and restaurants across the country. He had the good fortune to work with Alice Waters of Chez Panisse, and with her protégé, Mark Miller, who started Fourth Street Grill in Berkeley and Coyote Café in Santa Fe. Through it all, Michael's been an impassioned cook and caterer, with a commitment to the art of healthy eating and entertaining.

Several years ago, Michael experienced a severe illness. During that time his nutritional doctors recommended he follow a toxin-free diet that limited his intake of sugar, dairy and wheat -recommendations appropriate for most people who are trying to support their immune systems. He has spent the last five years developing a simple yet "fine" cuisine that's also immune-enhancing.

Under the direction of Master Wen Mei Yu at UCLA, Michael was inspired to learn and subsequently lead others in the Liangong and Guolin forms of Qi Gong. He experienced first-hand how these practices can improve one’s health and restore the proper functioning of all the body’s systems, including the immune system. He currently studies with Master Wei-Zhong Tang at UCLA. He teaches Qi Gong classes in Santa Monica, through the Wellness Community and Santa Monica Yoga, and incorporates these powerful self-healing techniques into all his activities.