One-Day Introduction Workshop

People who live alone tend to avoid cooking for themselves and two thirds of American families no longer eat together on a daily basis. Because of this, the fast food industry has thrived.

What can those of us who believe so strongly in a healthy diet do when we're always pressed for time? Come discover a whole range of options: quick but fantastic meals, as well as a host of inventive and healthy foods to eat when you (and in some cases, the family) are on–the–go. Join us for this orientation workshop that provides the essentials for healthy eating.

This class is designed both for people who like to cook, and for those who think of themselves as cooking-challenged. We’ll establish how to navigate the world of health and nutrition, including:

• Information on the nutritional basis for choosing certain
• In-depth menu and shopping tips for a week’s worth of
   meals and snacks, as well as suggestions for creatively
   improvising endless variations.
• Tips for stocking your pantry and refrigerator to ensure
   that you always have delicious, healthy food on hand.
• Recommendations for where to shop, and what brands
   to trust.
• Discussion on how to successfully navigate a world of
   tempting foods (that well-meaning gift of a platter of
   cookies, the restaurant menu, going home for the holidays).
• Making a fantastic meal together, which we can savor and
   converse over, enjoying each other's company.

The workshop includes an in-depth resource binder with menus and recipes, as well as chapters on stocking your pantry, kitchen tools, shopping strategies and recommendations for books, films and on-line resources.

$95.00 with in-depth resource binder. Click here for schedule.
Gift certificates are available. Private sessions can be scheduled.